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Our Consultants

Dear families and candidates,

We understand your family and home are the most important thing. At Little Ones we help you to find the best possible care for them. It’s that simple. Our ethos is to provide the highest level of service, placing candidates whose skills offer benefits to a child’s early language development and education. Our housekeepers help keep your home, homely, organised and of course immaculate. Below you will find details about our team. Your consultant at Little Ones will be there whenever you need them. Vanessa Cook, CEO and Founder of Little Ones.


Nicholas Bowen – Managing Director
Languages spoken: English
Email: n.bowen@littleoneslondon.co.uk

Evangelia Grammatea – Executive Assistant to the Managing Director
Languages spoken: Greek, English
Email: e.grammatea@littleoneslondon.co.uk

Mary Fernandez – Directors Assistant and Social Media Manager
Languages spoken: English
Email: mary@littleoneslondon.co.uk

Patricia Cervera – Recruitment Manager
Speciality: Spanish Nannies and Live Out Nanny Housekeeper placements
Languages spoken: Spanish, English, French
Email: patricia@littleoneslondon.co.uk

Tom Morrison – Recruitment Manager
Speciality: Live Out Nanny and International Placements
Languages spoken: English
Email: t.morrison@littleoneslondon.co.uk

Wenjing Li – Senior Consultant
Speciality: Chinese and Asian Language Nanny and Nanny Housekeeper placements
Languages spoken: Mandarin, English
Email: wenjing@littleoneslondon.co.uk

Cristina Linares – Senior Consultant
Speciality: Spanish Live In Nanny placements
Languages spoken: Spanish, English
Email: cristina@littleoneslondon.co.uk

Tony Buckley – Senior Consultant
Speciality: House Managers and Housekeeper placements
Languages spoken: English
Email: t.buckley@littleoneslondon.co.uk

Sonia Mateos – Senior Consultant
Speciality: French and Arabic Live in Nanny and Nanny Housekeeper Placements
Languages spoken: French, Arabic, English
Email: s.mateos@littleoneslondon.co.uk

Natalie Harmon-Tatton – Bilingual Consultant
Speciality: Live in, After school and International placements
Languages spoken: English, German
Email: natalie@littleoneslondon.co.uk

Lisa Palm – Bilingual Consultant
Speciality: Swedish Nannies and Nanny Housekeeper placements
Languages spoken: Swedish, English
Email: lisa@littleoneslondon.co.uk

Charlotte van Nijf – Multilingual Consultant
Speciality: German, Dutch Nannies and Nanny Housekeeper placements
Languages spoken: Dutch, German, English
Email: charlotte@littleoneslondon.co.uk

Frederic Maumy
French Live Out placements
Speciality: French Live Out placements
Languages spoken: French, English
Email: frederic@littleoneslondon.co.uk

Alice Alberti – Bilingual Consultant
Speciality: Italian Nannies and Nanny Housekeeper placements
Languages spoken: Italian, English
Email: a.alberti@littleoneslondon.co.uk

Beck Coveney – Recruitment Consultant
Speciality: Nanny Placements
Languages spoken: English
Email: r.coveney@littleoneslondon.co.uk

Valerio Petrini – Bilingual Consultant
Speciality: Nanny-Housekeeping placements
Languages spoken: Italian, English
Email: v.petrini@littleoneslondon.co.uk

Lora Salomidou – Multilingual Consultant
Speciality: Russian Language and After-school placements
Languages spoken: Russian, Greek, English, Spanish
Email: lora@littleoneslondon.co.uk

Ioanna Avgousti – Bilingual Consultant
Specialty: Greek Nanny and Nanny Housekeeper candidates
Languages spoken: Greek, English
Email: i.avgousti@littleoneslondon.co.uk

Sarah Simms – Recruitment Consultant
Speciality: Au Pairs
Languages spoken: English
Email: s.simms@littleoneslondon.co.uk

Nicole Stapelberg – Bilingual Consultant
Speciality: Portuguese speaking Nannies
Languages spoken: Portuguese, English
Email: n.stapelberg@littleoneslondon.co.uk

Alicja Scuroppa – Bilingual Consultant
Specialty: Polish speaking Nannies
Languages spoken: Polish, English
Email: a.scruoppa@littleoneslondon.co.uk

Elisa Badini – Bilingual Consultant
Specialty: Nannies
Languages spoken: Italian, English
Email: e.badini@littleoneslondon.co.uk