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Russian Nanny London

Specialists in Russian nanny London placements for over 7 years

Russian nanny and nanny housekeeper consultant Maria Pavlova specialises in the resourcing bilingual Russian speaking nannies and housekeepers. Maria has vast experience placing Russian-speaking nannies and housekeepers in homes in London and across the world.

Dedicated to the highest standards

Our Russian nanny consultant Maria is well known in the Russian speaking nanny and housekeeper community of London and throughout the UK. Maria is highly experienced in Russian language nanny and housekeeper placements. We offer you a choice of Russian speaking nannies, housekeepers and Russian mother-tongue nannies looking for positions in London, the UK and throughout the world. We understand and appreciate your desire to raise your children bilingually in Russian. Our strict recruitment procedures ensure only the highest quality of candidates are introduced for interview. Please feel free to view a few of the Russian nannies we have available. If you would like to view more candidate profiles, please email Maria at m.pavlova@littleoneslondon.co.uk

Our boutique nanny agency is renowned for service

Maria is part of a team of skilled bilingual consultants at Little Ones Nanny Agency who offer many language choices. We have placed hundreds of bilingual nannies and housekeepers in homes all over the world, primarily London, and have an excellent rapport with both nannies and families. In fact, 70% of families and nannies that contact us come by recommendation from another family or nanny. Feel free to contact Little Ones Nanny Agency. We are glad to offer advice, bilingual Russian – or other language nanny – profiles, ways to raise your child perfectly bilingual in Russian and anything else you might need. Little Ones – proud to exclusively offer your children the opportunity to be perfectly bilingual with their nanny. Please contact Maria on 020 3199 3878.

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