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October 29th, 2012

Two things are important when potty training: be prepared and don't rush rush your little one. Every child is different, it's not a race, each . Below are 8 of the best potty training tips from a seasoned nanny.

1. Be Prepared. Purchased a potty well in advance before training starts, so it's just a normal piece of furniture. There are lots of story books about potty and bodily functions, borrow these from the library or buy in a book shop and read them with your child.

2. Think About Clothing. Summer is preferred for training, remember that an integral part of potty training is learning to get undies down in time to go. Girls can be put in skirts, which will make things easier on them. And pull-ups are a nice mid-ground between nappies and underwear.

3. Patience and Consistency. These are key to successful potty training. Accidents are going to happen, so be patient. Don't be tempted to put your child back into nappies, studies have proven that going backwards only lengthens the training process. Be consistent, and make sure everybody is on board, nanny, grandparents, play-school, all should be informed that you're going nappy free.

4. Have Spares. This goes for underwear, clothes, socks and shoes when leaving the house, and also potties. A potty in the car for emergencies, and one for grandma's house, for example. Wherever possible, try and get the same model potty, as children respond well to consistency.

5. Bribery. Children respond well to positive reinforcement. There's nothing wrong with rewarding good behavior with a small treat such as a shiny sticker for their sitcker chart, their favourite yumy treat or a trip to Gambadoos.

6. Timing. Start out with putting your toddler on the potty when she wakes up and after meals. Make this a habit, whether or not your little ones goes. During the day you need to be putting him on the potty around once every thirty minutes or so for a couple of weeks, until she's starting to learn what it feels like to need to go.

7. Don't Give Up Hope. Some children refuse to go at all, holding on to both ones and twos, some may cause themselves constipation. Please do not stress, there are others going through the same thing. There is no hurry. It's ok to stay a bit longer in a nappy. It all depends a lot on the child moving away from nappy. Don't show your frustration. As hard as this as it seems now, they do all learn, eventually.


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