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Anna M

  • Nanny, Governess, Afterschool Nanny
  • Languages English MT

"I highly recommend Anna as a nanny or helper or for any position involving children (or otherwise!). Anna looked after my children for 1 and ½ years. I was working full time and relied on Anna for everything relating to after school care of my children. Anna picked them up, took them to any scheduled activities, ensured they had enough outdoor activity, did all of their homework with them, ensured they practiced their instruments, assisted with play dates, fed them dinner, bathed/showered them and got them ready for stories and bedtime. Although the job was officially 5 days per week from 2:30 until 7:30 pm, Anna helped on weekends also (often for a full day on Saturday when she would prepare their lunch and plan any parts of the day not involving weekly activities). Plus, Anna always tried to be flexible with her hours as needed. My children love Anna and miss her a lot now that we have re-located. As Anna is trained as a teacher, she is good with homework and she is extremely patient (much needed with very energetic children). Anna was a good mix: able to discipline when needed (her sticker system really worked) while also being fun and silly with them when necessary. Anna is good with children, including her own child (who is super polite and lovely, which I feel is a testament to Anna) and I would always feel comfortable that she was looking after my children. I found Anna pro-active when needed but also happy to follow my rules in terms of what was acceptable and what wasn’t. Anna had a positive impact on my children vis-a-vis their behavior and their homework and I was very grateful. I confess to being a bit obsessive about lots of things and Anna tolerated this and accommodated my style. When I was not around or not involved, she was very good at getting the balance just right. " -Previous employer, written reference

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