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Baby and Child First Aid - Offered in your Workplace

We believe it is important for a parent to be able to respond to emergencies. For our clients and your colleagues we offer a free module covering Effectively Dealing with Infant Choking and Burns.

For more information or to book your free module call Little Ones on 0207 112 8057. To help you respond to all Paediatric First Aid emergencies calmly and quickly Little Ones offer Baby and Child First Aid. Courses are offered in your place of work and our Fitzrovia office. For more information and prices call Little Ones on 0207 112 8057. The knowledge and skills you will learn in the full course will enable you to manage effectively an emergency situation. When an accident does occur, it is vital you understand how to respond to ensure the safety of your child or baby. The course is provided with practical training on Paediatric First Aid Training Models. Our course instructor, Little’s Ones Managing Director Nicholas Bowen, is a fully qualified Paediatric and First Aid at Work Instructor.

Baby and Child First Aid Introductory Module:

Length of course: 1 hour
Location: Clients workplace
Price: This course is offered free to our clients and their colleagues.
Little Ones require a minimum of 10 students confirmed on this course.

What does the course cover?

  • How to deal with Infant Choking and Burns
  • How to deal with a burn or a scald.
  • What you should never do and when to seek medical advice.

Paediatric First Aid – 3 modules of 2 hours.

Length of course: 3 modules over 2 days, each module 2 hours
Location: 3 Hanson St, W1W6TB
Day and Time: Every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 6 to 9pm.
Price: £150 per person.
For private or corporate bookings contact Mary on 0207 112 8057. Bookings may be arranged at a time convenient to the students Minimum booking fee for private or corporate classes: £900

What is covered:

  • Emergency Action Plan: When you’re dealing with a child who is injured or ill it is important to treat the most serious conditions first.
  • Unconsciousness: Which is the right position to place the unconsciousness child to protect it from dangers as choking?
  • Airway and breathing problems: How to deal with: - Choking - Allergic Reaction - Asthma - Croup - Drowning
  • Wounds and bleeding: How to deal with: - Shocks - Bleedings - Nosebleed - Embedded - Objects - Animal or insect sting
  • Other serious injuries: How to deal with: - Electric Shock - Broken or dislocated bones - Sprains and strains - Head injury - Spinal injury
  • Other medical conditions: How to deal with: - Seizures - Diabetes - Meningitis
  • Extremes of body temperature

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