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Market rate nanny salaries in London, the UK and Abroad

Nanny and governess salaries vary dependant on the candidates experience, skills and the job requirements. Little Ones are able to advise the salary expectations for individual cases.

Little Ones nannies and governess are professionals with 3+ years of experience. The salaries listed below are in keeping with market rates.

For details of the duties associated with each job type please see Nanny Services

London and UK domestic childcare salary expectations

  • Live in: £5.50 to £8.33 net per hour
  • Daily: £8.00 to £12.00 net per hour
  • Part time: £9.00 to £12.00 net per hour
  • After-school: £10 to £15 net per hour

Salary expectations for European, Russian and placements within the UAE

  • Governess – £800 to £1500 net per week
  • Senior Nanny – £600 to £1000 net per week
  • Nanny – £500 to £800 net per week
  • Maternity Nurse – £1000 to £1500 net per week

Your Little Ones consultant will be happy to advise the salary expectations for individual candidates based on their previous experience and your families requirements. Please contact Little Ones on +44 (0)20 7580 3113 for more information.