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Meet the Team

Our consultants are a credit to Little Ones, and work tirelessly to help our clients find the very best candidates to seamlessly become a part of their everyday life. They orchestrate, curate, and maintain enriching partnerships between clients and candidates on a daily basis. Below is a message from them collectively.

Vanessa Cook
CEO and founder of Little Ones

Dear families and candidates,

We understand your family and home are most important in your life. At Little Ones we help you to find the best possible care for them. It's that simple.

Our ethos is to provide the highest level of service, placing childcare candidates whose skills offer benefits to a child's early cognitive development and education.

Our housekeepers keep your home organised, comfortable, and of course immaculate.

Our carers ensure those most in need during their later years are supported and cared for, providing comfort and companionship for your loved ones.

If you choose Little Ones, we will be there whenever you need us.

Vanessa Cook
Nicholas Bowen
Gary Heather
James Cree
Daniela Stan
Allegra Fleming
Nora Astigarraga
Chloe Cheniart
Gulsah Tukel Jeyasothy
James Ross
Milena Fuchedzhiyska
Nathan Stowe-Morgans
Taryn Welsby
Manuel Jerome
Tom Howell
Faye Whitehead
Sophia French
Skye Salmon
Cindy Sousa
Karolina Maher-Middleton
Karine Adandedjan
Laeticia Zoro Bi Bah
Elaine Aguado
Aurelie Chassac
Ewin Akhan
Veronica Palacios
Renate Ovrebo
Anastasia Roupakia
Iriana Gil Paz
Laura Renaud
Louisa Roberto
Nerea Castillo
La Toya Gommlich
Brechtje Voets
Hannah Alexander
Beata Znajdek
Esmaa AbdeIrahman
Frederique Martin
Hazel Jagasha
Ilaria Palmitessa
Soumia Zarrouki
Valentina Pazienza
Volodymyr Arshynov

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