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Swedish Nanny

Specialists in bilingual Swedish nanny placements in London. We are the experts in bilingual childcare solutions.

With over 10 years experience in placing Swedish language Nannies, Little Ones are at the forefront of bilingual Swedish nanny services in London and worldwide. Our Swedish language Consultant Sabrina is an expert in the recruitment and placement of Swedish speaking nannies and Swedish nanny housekeepers.

Why Hire a Swedish Nanny?

A Swedish nanny offers your children many cultural and cognitive advantages, including the gift of a second language. At Little Ones London Nanny Agency we specialise in the placement of Swedish speaking nannies and Swedish nanny housekeepers.

Curious? Have a look at a few of the Swedish speaking nannies we have available. Our candidates are looking for positions in London, the UK and throughout the world.

Our Swedish language nannies have the experience, kindness and warmth your child or children need in order to grow and speak perfect Swedish and English.

Only the best is good enough

Little Ones Nanny Agency’s specialist Swedish consultant is are well known in the Swedish speaking nanny community of London. We are highly experienced in Swedish language domestic placements and are  available to help you. Please call  Sabrina on 0207 183 0309. Alternatively, request a callback online and Sabrina will call you back at a time suitable to you. For the six months following your Swedish nanny placement, your Swedish Nanny Consultant will be on hand to support your individual requirements.

Bilingual specialists at Little Ones London Nanny Agency

Our Swedish Consultant Sabrina works with a team of skilled bilingual consultants at Little Ones Nanny Agency offering many language choices. Find out more about our consultants, including the many languages they cater for. Little Ones have placed hundreds of bilingual nannies and housekeepers within homes all over the world - we have an excellent rapport with both nannies and the families we place them with. More than 70% of our families and nannies come by recommendation from another family or nanny. Please feel free to contact The Little Ones Nanny Agency. We will be more than happy to offer advice, Swedish speaking nanny profiles based on your specific needs, information on how to raise your child speaking Swedish and English, or even a great Swedish book recommendation - anything you might need. Contact Sabrina on 0207 183 0309, or request a callback online today.

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