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Payroll & HR Advice

Little Ones are leaders in the field of Domestic Human Resources Service. With 10 years of industry experience we understand our clients and their employees needs. Our Payroll and HR Advice Service is led by a team of experts.   Do you know your responsibilities as an employer?

  • Set up a PAYE?
  • Give regular payslips?
  • Create an employment contract?
  • Keep tax records?
  • File an employer’s annual tax return?
  • Have employer’s liability in place?

Let us take care of the hard work. With our Premium Payroll and HR Advice Service we will:

  • Register you as employer
  • Set up your PAYE scheme
  • Provide provision of monthly/weekly payslips
  • Provide quarterly reminders of how much Income Tax and NIC is due to HMRC and how to pay these
  • Keep tax records on your employees behalf
  • Assist you with filing an employer’s annual tax return
  • Keep complete Payroll records
  • Provide you access to our HR Advice Service
  • Keep you up to date with tax rates and other changes that may affect your employment
  • We will freeze your subscription if you stop your employment for a period of time
  • We will help you with any issue that may arise regarding your employment such as sickness, maternity etc

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As a new employer Little Ones recommend you purchase employer’s liability insurance. This is a legal requirement in the UK for all employers. Speak with your home insurance supplier for further information.

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