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Childcare Training Courses in London

Training for Childminders, Nannies, Nursery Nurses and Teachers

Little Ones Training offer Ofsted compliant Paediatric First  Aid Courses. Our Childcare Education Courses are also Ofsted compliant for the Early Years and Voluntary Childcare Registers and are suitable for Ofsted Nursery requirements.

Training for Childminders

Childminders are legally required to be Ofsted registered. As a Childminder you will undergo regular inspections.

Ofsted has high expectations of Childminders, a key requirement is  a comprehensive understanding of The Early Years Foundation Stage Framework as set out by the Ministry of Education in September 2014.

Little Ones Early Years Care and Education Course is one of the first to provide in depth learning of the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.

We understand the importance of Care and Education in these key stages of a childs early years (0 to 5). As a Childminder you will play an important role in a child’s cognitive, physical and language development.

The Early Years Stage is when language skills develop most rapidly. Physically children are making huge advancements, far greater than at any other time in their lives.

Our Early Years Care and Education Course will assist you to understand your roll and the Foundation Stage Framework. The course will prepare you for being a Childminder and what Ofsted and Parents expect of you.

To find out more about our Childminder Courses and the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework call 0207 112 8057.

Training for Nannies and Maternity Nurses

For Nannies we offer training in Maternity and Common Core Skills.

Our Maternity Practitioner Course will provide you the skills to care for newborns and babies up to 12 months.  Learning is both practical and theory based.

As an OCN Level 3 and 4 qualification, our Maternity Practitioners are highly regarded by parents. You will leave with high level of skills in the care of newborns and babies.

Our course has been designed to aid in the care of babies, the implementation of routine, feeding methods, understanding sleep and establishing positive sleep routines.  You will understand the fundamentals of carefully bathing, swaddling, feeding and weaning a baby.

To find out more about our Maternity Practitioner Courses call 0207 112 8057.

Training for Nannies

For Nannies we offer Common Core Skills and Early Years Care and Education.

This course is offered to Level 3 and 4 and provides you with the foundation knowledge to care for children of all ages.

The Early Years modules of the course teach the key stages of development in 0 to 5 year olds while the Common Core Skills elements assists you to care for and educate children from age 5 to 9.

Importantly you will be taught to notice if a child is not developing, if there is any sign of discomfort in their lives and how to help them overcome such problems and who to reach out to.

To find out more about our Nanny Courses and Common Core Skills call 0207 112 8057.

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